“Together, we go on an adventure. In close collaboration, we raise the potential in your organisation and pave the way for new forms of collaboration”


Currents&Tides is a Swiss consulting company that consistently focuses on agile (leadership) competencies, practices, development approaches and organizational forms of a new world of work. For several years, Currents&Tides has built up competence and gained concrete experience in this field. 

We accompany you as a company that deliberately embarks on the adventure of becoming a meaningful and lively organization.

You can still be at the very beginning of this path and would like to familiarise employees and managers with topics such as agile working and leadership, responsive organisational structures and practices or potential development (positive leadership) as a first step.

Maybe you are a company, a department or a team that is already willing to implement its individual transformation towards more meaning, more fluid structures, more responsibility and productive collaboration.

No matter where you stand as our customer - we are your companions on the way into the future and always act according to these principles:

  • respect for one's own time and space, which people and organizations need for their development without losing focus on the goal.

  • A journey together, in which we start with your specific needs, explore and shape this highly individual adventure together.

  • An appreciative look at what already exists in your organisation or team.

About us 


We - Ursula Jucker, André Ilg and Angela Wortmann - are experienced organisational developers with a vast practical experience. We all have worked for many years as managers in various organisations  (form start-up to middle-sized and large enterprises) and are thus familiar with the specific questions, challenges and tensions of todays business world.

And since March we' ve got a wonderful new team member. Lana Milanovic is the good soul in the background, who keeps our backs free so that we have more time for our customers.

Based on this experience, it is our concern as Transformation Consultants to help people in organisations to have more satisfaction, joy and personal freedom in their work. . That is why we have specialised in approaches and methods that completely rethink the way organisations work and function today.

With all our know-how, experience, passion and humour, we are committed to taking our clients to a next level of collaboration.

How to find us

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